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Freaky Mullet Ginger

Freaky Mullet Ginger

PriceFrom $240.00

Ginger Freaky Mullet is a 100% human hair wig, created on a no-lace unit with body wave texture, 350 color hair. It can be washed, gently colored, and heat styled. 


All units are made on medium size, adjustable wig caps (22.5” circumference).


The length you choose applies to the long, back section of the mullet cut. All units have the same top and front lengths. 


Freaky Beautiful wigs are made individually and there may be subtle differences in each unit because they are hand-cut. Freaky Mullets are exclusively available through Freaky Beautiful. <3


**Please allow 6-8 weeks for ALL pre-orders to arrive!**

Freaky Beautiful1aa.png
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